Cannabis Dispensaries in Espanola, Ontario

The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Espanola, Ontario

Bananas Cannabis

800 Centre St Espanola, P5E 1J1

(705) 805-4342

Bananas Cannabis Store encourages its patrons to "keep blazing, stay amazing," reflecting their laid-back and positive approach to cannabis retail. They operate in multiple locations including Chelmsford, Sudbury, and Espanola, offering a variety of cannabis products.


800 Centre Street, Espenola, P5E 1J1

(705) 805-4342

HighLife Cannabis Co. is a retail brand focused on health, wellness, and happiness in the communities it serves. With a vision that embraces the evolving world of cannabis, HighLife prioritizes education and customer guidance, aiming to redefine the retail cannabis industry. They are expanding nationwide, promising a future where they lead the way in this sector.

Happy Life Cannabis

387 Centre St, Espanola, P5E 1E4

(705) 583-2070

Happy Life Pot Shop focuses on enhancing the cannabis experience for both seasoned users and newcomers. Their mission emphasizes customer satisfaction through knowledgeable assistance, ensuring that every visitor leaves feeling content and informed about their purchases. They offer a variety of products, competitive pricing, and a rewarding loyalty program. With multiple locations across Ontario, including Sudbury, Espanola, and Thunder Bay, they cater to a wide customer base. Additionally, they provide extensive operating hours to accommodate different schedules.